Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dvr James Stevens, RASC

In October 1916, Chailey Parish Magazine notes Stevens, Driver J, ASC MT, England.  In December 1916, when the practice of listing locations ceased he just appears as Stevens, Driver J, ASC MT.  This information is then repeated monthly up to and including the final published roll call in July 1919. 

He is probably James Stevens who, at the time the 1901 census was taken, was a five year old living with his family at Wapsbourne Garden Cottage, Sheffield Park, Chailey.  The household comprised: James Stevens (head, aged 45, working as a farm labourer), his wife Ellen Stevens (aged 40) and their four children: Alice Stevens (aged ten), William H Stevens (aged eight), James Stevens (aged five) and Frank Stevens (aged three).  There were other children too, not living at Wapsbourne in 1901.  The 1891 census notes Annie K Stevens (aged six) and Emily J Stevens (aged four). 

Close by, at Wapsbourne Farm Cottage, lived James Stevens’ Senior’s brother John and his family.  That household comprised John Stevens (head, aged 40, working as a thrashing engine driver), his wife Sarah (aged 41) and their four children: Albert (aged 13, working as a stock boy on a farm), Margaret Stevens (aged 11), William Stevens (aged six) and George Stevens (aged two).   

Chailey Parish Magazine notes nine men with the surname Stevens who served their King and Country during the First World War.  If J Stevens is James Stevens it seems likely that his brothers William H and Frank and his cousins Albert, George and William Stevens also served during the First World War.

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