Tuesday, February 17, 2015

J43156 Able Seaman George Frederick Weller, HMS Queen Elizabeth

George Frederick Weller was born at Chailey on 5th December 1899.  He was the son of Henry William Beard and Nellie Beard (nee Weller) who at the time the 1901 census was taken were living at Harmers Cottages, Newick.  Henry is recorded as a Chailey born 22 year old agricultural labourer.  Nellie, also 22, is noted as being from Tunbridge Wells in Kent.  George is noted as their one year old infant. 

He joined the Royal Navy at Chatham on 19th August 1915 aged 15.  He was five feet, four and a quarter inches tall, had brown hair and eyes and  fresh complexion fresh.  A small brown mole was noted on his right loin and on the left side of his neck.  He gave his occupation as “cow boy” but this was later crossed out. 

He was given the number J43156, the rating of boy 2nd Class and sent to HMS Impregnable.  He remained at this station 26th February 1916 when, by now boy 1st Class, he transferred to HMS Queen Elizabeth.  His reckonable service starts from 5th December 1917, his 18th birthday, and he signed on for 12 years’ service from this date.  His rating up until 5th July 1918 was ordinary seaman and from 6th July 1918, able seaman.  He spent his entire adult war service aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth but continued in the Royal Navy until 1929.  He was awarded his first good conduct badge on 4th December 1920 and his second one on 5th December 1925.  His character, throughout his Navy service, was rated as very good and his ability as satisfactory for the most part and superior between 1922 and 1924.

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