Friday, August 07, 2015

Fireman Thomas Harmer, HMT SS Ryckett

Little is known about Thomas Harmer.  Chailey Parish Magazine mentions him in a special list of attested men in January 1916 and he then next appears in October 1916; listed as a merchant seaman: Harmer, Fireman T, H M Tr Howden.  In January 1917 he appears as a fireman aboard SS River Ribble and then in July 1918 as a fireman aboard SS River Rykett.  This information is then repeated up to and including the final published roll call in July 1919. 

Thomas Harmer is possibly the same Thomas Harmer whose birth was recorded in the December 1877 quarter at Lewes and who, in 1901, was recorded on the census for that year living in Brighton and working as a machine hand at a brass factory.  His place of birth is stated on the census as Lewes. 

He could also be related to John Harmer, (possibly as an uncle) whom Chailey Parish Magazine also notes as serving his King and Country.

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