Monday, October 19, 2015

Harry E Jackson

Chailey Parish Magazine lists a Harry E Jackson in its January 1916 list of specially attested men, this man also appearing in the March and April 1916 lists.  There is no further mention of this man in the parish magazine and it has been difficult to identify him so far on census returns. 

There is a Harry Edgar Jackson whose birth is recorded in the June 1879 quarter at Horsham and a Harry Edgar Jackson (presumably the same man) whose marriage to either Mary Adelaide Mason or Louisa K Schneckenburger is recorded in the March 1907 quarter at Steyning, Sussex.  A Harry E Jackson appears on the 1901 census of England & Wales working as a 22 year old servant in Shipley, Sussex but whether this is Harry Edgar Jackson and whether any of these names are the same man mentioned in Chailey’s parish magazine is currently unknown.

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