Sunday, November 13, 2016

Assistant Quartermaster A Gander, Sussex 54 VAD

I know next to nothing about this lady.  She appears in the photo above, seated third from left.  Her (heavily over-written) signature appears in Nurse Oliver's album on the page devoted to Sussex 54 VAD.  

An undated and so far unattributable newspaper report, probably from 1914, also refers to her as assistant quartermaster. She also appears, third from left in the main photo on the Sussex 54 VAD Personnel page which is taken from one of Frances Blencowe's albums. 

Finally, she appears again in Nurse Oliver's album (above), staring at a pile of wood.  The photo was probably taken at a Field Day in 1913 or 1914.  "A Gander perplexed" is the caption that Edith Oliver had written to accompany the photo. Nothing else is currently known about this woman.

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