Brook House

Brook House is slightly off-beam from my original research which focused on Hickwells, Beechland House and the men and women of Chailey. But Brook House, the home of Magnus Rainier Robertson, was also a convalescent hospital for RFC officers and I reproduce below, more photos from Frances Isabel Blencowe's album. Frances was the commandant at Brook House and appears in a number of the photos.  I would welcome further information about any of the men or women featured here.

The hospital was opened on 13th June 1917 under Deputy Director of Medical Services, London and was transferred to Assistant Director of Medical Services, Sussex District on 4th August 1917.




Thomas Henry Birdsall, born 9th September 1885
Hilton Maxwell Dight Walker, born 21st March 1897
Theodore Ogilvie Davis, born 7th September 1889
Clifton Gordon Ferrell, born 28th June 1894
Archibald Campbell Watt, born 12th August 1894 

 Austin Edward Neal, born 3rd October 1885
Leo Joseph Whitehead Murphy, born 25th August 1898
Geoffrey Herbert Algernon Hawkins, 21st December 1892
Thomas N Cole
Arthur Wycklife Trusler, born 21st June 1895
David Nelson, born 7th February 1890
Harley Clarence Wilfred Strickland, born 6th October 1888
T Maclean Howard
J B Massill
Rinaldo Mantegazza, born (France) 21st October 1898

 Francis (Frank) H Mardell, born 2nd July 1890
William Lionel Hay, born 13th March 1887
Alexander Evelyn Charlwood, born 25th November 1890
Frederick James Horrell, born 21st September 1889
F L Hopps
Geoffrey Stephen Bozman
Percy Gordon Jack, born 9th October 1895
Harold Francis Jenkins, born 10th September 1897



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