Monday, June 05, 2006

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Thanks to relatives of some of the men whose biographies appear on the website, I have been able to update the information on Alfred and Harry Bird, Charles Jenner, William Jenner, Thomas Deadman, Ernest Fenn, Timothy Towner, Herbert Langridge, Horace Blackman, G Constable, Charles Dudman, George Buckwell, Frederick Bray, Sydney Crowhurst, Edwin Baldock, Percy Ireland, Charles Sabourin, Joseph Spruce, Horace Wood, Richard Roffe, Albert Heasman, Frederick Heasman and Gilbert Heasman, Henry Downing, Charles Day Beard, Frank Mainwood and William Mainwood and Percy Pateman. The biographies for Sidney Best, Reverend Jellicoe and Arthur Langridge MSM have been updated with information published in The Times newspaper.

Photos of Reginald Pimble, Joseph Spruce, Alfred Bird and Harry Bird, Thomas Deadman, Arthur Horscroft, William Jenner, Horace Wood, Henry Downing, Albert Heasman, Frederick and Gilbert Heasman have been added to their pages.

Another album kept by a Sussex 54 VAD nurse has also come to light. Rose Smyth kept a small album during the First World War and the convalescent soldiers who left their marks in it have been added to The Patients page on this site. Full biographies of all Nurse Smythe's patients will be added in due course but in the meantime a new biography for Thomas Skurray has been added to the Patients' section of the site. Thomas's entry appears in Nurse Rose Smythe's album. He was a relative of hers and although not a patient at Hickwells or Beechland House, his story is included here. Thomas was a Kitchener volunteer who was killed in action in August 1915, one of the 6th Berkshire Regiment's early casualties.

Biographies have been added for three of the Sussex 54 VAD nurses: Miss Kathleen Fenn, her sister Miss Jessie Fenn and Mrs Emily Bryant. There are still some members of the Detachment about whom I know nothing at all and their stories certainly warrant telling.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me to date.

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