Friday, October 13, 2006

Charles Craddock & Roland Gilbert - Bios Updated

It's been a depressingly busy time for commemorations - two men whose death anniversaries fell yesterday (Claude Ireland) and the day before (John Sheridan) and another Chailey man, George Trayton Washer, whose 91st death anniversary falls today. His story is told in a separate web log entry. Time has of course softened the sadness but we can only imagine the grief that must have been felt during the war years and immediately after as families the world over, mourned loved ones.

On a happier note I have updated the biographies of Charles Craddock and Roland Gilbert. This is thanks entirely to the power of the internet (or rather, the power of internet search engines) and the good offices of individuals who have read about people they know (either as a result of their own research or through family connections) and who have taken that extra vital step to contact me.

Researching Chailey during the First World War is rather like painting the Forth Bridge only a good deal more enjoyable. As more and more people come on line and as more and more archive records also become available at the click of a mouse, this work and others like it can only grow.

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