Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chain Blogging

Here's a thing, chain blogging. Unlike some of the more sinister e-mail chains that threaten that all your plants will die unless you forward the wretched mail to fifteen people called Bob within the next half an hour, chain blogging or blog-tagging is a way of you getting to know me and me passing the buck on to five more unsuspecting bloggers. So here goes.

1. I've lived in India since September 2003.
2. I'm originally not from Chailey or Sussex at all. Chelmsford in Essex was where I was born and brought up but Bangalore is my home now.
3. I was born four years before England won the world cup and I'm hoping that I'll see another world cup victory for England before I die (I wonder what odds I'd get on that).
4. I am married and have an eighteenth month old daughter who was born in India.
5. As well as WW1, my other interests include family history and also learning more about SEO, a truly fascinating topic.

So that's me. Thank you Debbie at DVH Design for tagging me and here are my five blogger nominees:

Deepak Shenoy - The Unknown Indian
Matt Cutts - Google Guru
Sue Light - The Happy Hospital
Rand Fishkin - seomoz blog
Dear Miss Griffis


Cherry Sham said...

Hello from Calgary, Canada! Thanks for visiting Glenbow's "Dear Miss Griffis" blog. Hope you enjoy their story, I know we at the museum do :)


Chailey1418 said...

The letters are very evocative of the period. Thanks for posting them and for visiting Chailey 1914-1918