Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainald Parker and Thomas Harry Lee Jellicoe

Thanks to correspondence received, I've updated the pages for Rainald Parker and Thomas Harry Lee Jellicoe.

Rainald Parker originally joined the 25th London Regiment but saw service overseas with the Royal Army Service Corps.

The Reverend Thomas Harry Lee Jellicoe must have seemed like a pillar of strength to the Chailey community during World War 1 and he was certainly a diligent chronicler of Chailey parishioners' service overseas. I had known that he was born in Bangalore but knew very little of his family background. Now, thanks to correspondence with a relative in New Zealand, I have been able to fill in a few gaps.

Coincidentally, I currently live in Bangalore and it may be that there will be further information locked away in mouldering ledgers in St Mark's Church, Bangalore where Thomas Jellicoe's parents were married in 1859 and where Thomas himself may have been christened.

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