Thursday, September 16, 2010

J Andrew, 2/4th Northants Regt

J Andrew's entry in Nurse Oliver’s album obviously dates him as a patient at Beechlands (although it is conceivable that he could have transferred from Hickwells). His entry, written underneath a cartoon illustration reads:

Pte J Andrew
(4 Res) Northants Regt
Rose Ward

The 4th (Reserve) Northamptonshire Regiment is the 2/4th Battalion which was formed at Northampton on 27th November 1914. He is possibly 2791 Corporal James W Andrew and if this is the same man he transferred (presumably after recovering from whatever sickness had put him into Beechland House) to the Gloucestershire Regiment. The number 2791 dates to October 1914. The National Archives gives two numbers for him with the Gloucestershire Regiment: 5905 and 242112. 5905 dates to post August 1916.

The 1901 census of England and Wales reveals a James W Andrew living at Church Street, Broughton, Northamptonshire with his family. The household comprised: George Andrew (head, married, aged 35, working as a foreman in the boot trade), his wife Sarah A Andrew (aged 35) and their children: Lucy E Andrew (aged nine), Lily G W Andrew (aged eight), George Andrew (aged six) and James (aged five). There is also a 20 year old boarder – Wallace Smith, a "shoie finisher" by trade – living at the house. James’s place of birth is recorded as Broughton.

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