Thursday, October 28, 2010

National Library of Australia - Australia Trove

I was searching for something else on-line earlier when I stumbled across Australia Trove. There's some great information on here and I've only just started to scratch the surface. I did however, find the Heasman brothers mentioned in the newspaper archive section and there's a good account of the 11th Battalion at Pozieres which also makes reference to Gilbert Heasman's recommendation for the MM. There seems to be laiods of good stuff on the site and I'll be digging a little deeper later on.


Matt Heasman said...

Hi Paul - I am a distant relative of Gilbert, Albert and Frederick Heasman. I see the main Chailey 1914-1918 website has been taken down and I was wondering if you have any further information on these 3 men who all originally emigrated to Australia. Frederick sadly died in the Great War, and Gilbert I believe returned to Sussex afterwards. Albert I am not sure about and possibly emigrated to Minnesota though I am not sure. Anyway if you do have the information on the links from the main site I'd love to see it.

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Matt

Thanks for getting in touch. Can you post a comment again please, and this time leave your email address. I won't publish the comment on the site but I will be able to email you some material on the three Heasman brothers. Funnily enough I was looking at Gilbert's entry on the Australian War Memorial today.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul, the Heasman brothers were my 1st Cousins Once Removed.
Any info you can find or already have I'd love to get a copy of please.
Contact me at:
Many thanks,
Dave (NSW, Australia)