Sunday, October 23, 2011


I've closed down the Chailey 1914-1918 site. To be honest, it had become unwieldy and the package provided by Fasthosts that I had used to create the site was certainly not user-friendly. In the end it just seemed simpler to close the site down and instead add information to this blog. I have a copy of the site and who knows, in time it might re-surface somewhere else. However, for the time being, search engine capability being what it is these days, somebody looking for a man or woman with Chailey connections during WW1 should manage to stumble across this blog without too much difficulty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul - very sorry to see the Chailey site no longer online - I only discovered this yesterday when I tried to find the link to send to a friend who was interested in Arthur Hamilton Boyd. However I did find "my" picture (which you kindly credited to me on your site)on this Blencowe site
Do you know this person? I wondered if you'd passed on my photo.
Thanks - Alison

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Alison. No, I didn't pass the photo on, it's been pinched from my site and not credited. I did write a piece for the Blencowe family book some years ago so I'm a little surprised they didn't contact me to at least seek permission.


Rick said...

Hi Paul

On your old Chailey site you had a really good biography of Major William Wilson Grantham, which I have a (broken) link to on I can't find it on here.

Would you be able to republish it or, alternatively, would you mind if I published it with a credit? I have a copy of the page.


Amy Stuttle said...

Dear Paul,

I am sorry this site has closed but hope you can help. I am researching St Mary's Church in North Common and know you had some information on the Blencowe Family on your site. I would very much appreciate any information you have on the Blencowe family or any other connections with the church.

Many many thanks,
Amy Stuttle53B