Tuesday, February 11, 2014

L/10315 Pte William George Day, Royal Sussex Regiment

William George Day does not strictly belong on this blog as he is commemorated on neighbouring Newick's War Memorial.  However, his name appears in the memorial book kept by Newick School's headmaster, (below) along with many men from Chailey.
William was a regular soldier who enlisted with the Royal Sussex Regiment in April 1914.  The photo above almost certainly dates from that time and was probably taken at the regimental depot.  Note the fresh creases in his tunic and trousers.
William, born in Fyzabad, India (presumably into an army family) was killed in action on 15th May 1916 whilst serving with the 9th (Service) Battalion of The Royal Sussex Regiment.


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Anita Broad said...

Dear Mr Nixon,
I am the Education & Research Officer for Stoolball England and have been trying to contact you regarding your biography of Maj.W.W. Grantham of Chailey. I am researching information for a WW1 education project with local primary schools which would include the Princess Louise VAD hospital at Chailey Heritage and Maj. Grantham's connection with stoolball. We used to have a link to your biography on the Stoolball England website, but the link no longer works. I wonder if you would be happy to get in touch.
Kind regards
Anita Broad