Thursday, August 21, 2014

38838 Dvr Arthur Avery, Royal Engineers

Arthur Avery was born in Chailey around 1894.  When the 1901 census was taken, the family was living at 13 South Street, Chailey.  The family comprised Thomas Avery (head of the household, aged 48), his wife Caroline (42) and their seven children: Thomas (21), Edith (18), Rose (16), Frederick (13), Harriett (9), Arthur (6) and Harry (2).  Thomas senior worked as a carter on a farm.  His son Thomas was a brick-maker (presumably working at Norman’s, locally) and Edith worked as a general domestic servant.  The family also had a boarder, 22 year old Frank Funnell who worked as a labourer in at the local brickyard.

Arthur first appears in Chailey’s Parish Magazine in September 1915 when he is noted as serving King & Country.  In October 1915 he appears in the magazine as Avery, Pte A, RE, England and by December of that year his rank his noted as Driver.  He was given the army number 38838.

In April 1916, Avery is noted as Avery, Dvr A, RE, Salonica.

Arthur Avery survived the war.  His last entry appears in Chailey’s Parish Magazine in February 1919 where his rank and regiment are noted.
Another Avery, J Avery, also served in the First World War and it is possible that Arthur was related to him.  Like Arthur, his brothers Harry and Thomas both served in the army during World War 1 and both survived.

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