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106651 Corporal Shoeing-smith Ebenezer Walder, RFA

Ebenezer Walder was born in Chailey around 19th January 1896.  He is noted as a four year old on the 1901 census of England and Wales and is living with his family at Heath View, North Common, Chailey.  The family comprised Isaac Walder (head, married, aged 28 and running his own business as a gardener and pork butcher), his wife Emily (aged 31) and Ebenezer. 

Ebenezer attested (Short Service Form B2505) with the Royal Artillery on 17th September 1905 and was posted to Woolwich.  He gave his age as 19 years and 241 days, his trade as wheelwright and his home address as Glendale, Buxted, Sussex.  He was given the army service number 106651. 

In October 1915, Chailey Parish Magazine notes him for the first time as Driver E Walder, RFA, England.  On 9th November he was posted to 1B Reserve Brigade and, according to his records, appointed shoeing-smith on 18th February 1916.  Chailey’s parish magazine however, had already been reporting that fact since December 1915. 

On 13th March 1916 he was posted to 4A Reserve Brigade and six days later posted to Base Depot prior to proceeding overseas.  On 25th March, in France, he was posted to ‘D’ 163rd Brigade RFA from No 2 GB depot. 

Chailey Parish Magazine reported in May 1916 that Ebenezer was in France and that same month he was admitted to 107 Field Ambulance (on the 29th) and then to the 2/2nd Field Ambulance the following day.  On 2nd June he was admitted to Number 4 Stationary Hospital but was discharged to duty six days later. 

On 8th September 1916 he was posted first to ‘C’ 158th Brigade, RFA and then immediately to ‘D’ 159th Brigade RFA.  The next entry on his service record is for 29th August 1917 where it is noted that he has been promoted to corporal shoeing smith. 

He was granted leave to England on 23rd September 1917, returning to France on 4th October.  On 1st January 1918 he was attached to No 13 Veterinary Hospital but rejoined his unit two days later. 

He was admitted to hospital again on 24th May 1918, this time with PUO – Pyrexia of Unknown Origin and then to hospital 9 (Lakeside) General Hospital three days later.  On 22nd June he was admitted to Base Depot and hospital.

He appears to have recovered sufficiently however by 5th July 1918 and reported to D Battery.  Three weeks later he was posted to C Battery (27th July) and appears to have remained with them for the rest of the war.  He was granted leave to England again (via Calais) on 25th November and returned to France two weeks later on 9th December.  He was demobbed on 6th April 1919 and gave his home address as Heath View, Chailey. He received his British War and Victory medals in November 1920 and October 1921 respectively. 

Ebenezer Walder is not directly related to the other Chailey Walder brothers who served during the First World War.

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