Sunday, February 08, 2015

K10617 Stoker Archie Tapp, HMS Dolphin

Archibald Richard Tapp was born in 1885. In October 1914, Chailey Parish Magazine notes that he is serving his King and Country.  In October 1915, further detail is given: Tapp, Stoker A, HMS Euryalus.  By June 1916, Tapp is a Leading Stoker, still aboard HMS Euryalus and this information appears monthly thereafter until the final entry in July 1919. 

HMS Euryalus was one of six Cressy Class cruisers which was launched on 20th May 1901.  Three of the other Cressy Class cruisers – HMS Aboukir, HMS Cressy and HMS Hogue – were all sunk by torpedoes fired from the German U-boat U9 on 22nd September 1914.  HMS Euryalus however, survived the war and was finally sold for scrapping on 1st July 1920. 

Cressy Class cruisers had a displacement of 12,000 tons and were armed with two 9.2 inch guns (one on the bow and one on the stern), twelve 6 inch quick-firers in a central battery and a number of other quick-firers and machine guns.  Top speed was 21 knots.


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