Thursday, March 19, 2015

8517 Driver Wilfred Newton Lockyer, Royal Field Artillery

Chailey Parish Magazine notes in March 1915 that Wilfrid [sic] Lockyer is serving his King and Country.  In October 1915 it reports, Lockyer, Driver W, RFA, France. 

He was born in Chailey in late 1895 or early 1896, his birth registered at Lewes in the March quarter of that year.  He appears in the 1901 census of England and Wales as a five year old living at North Common with his family.  The household comprised William Lockyer (head, aged 39, working as a journeyman baker), his wife Jane (aged 37) and their four children: Ellen Jane Lockyer (aged 15, an assistant teacher), Edith Lockyer (aged 12), Emily Carrie Lockyer (aged nine) and Wifred Newton Lockyer (aged five). 

Wilfred Lockyer  served throughout the First World War, his name appearing up to and including the final published roll in July 1919 as Lockyer, Driver W, RFA.  Although Chailey Parish Magazine gives his rank as “Driver”, the National Archives gives his rank as “Gunner” and his number as 8517. After the war he remained with the Royal Artillery and was given a new number, 1022055.

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