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Stoker Harry Greenfield, Royal Navy Barracks

Harry Greenfield was born in Hamsey, Sussex in 1894, his birth registered at Lewes in the September quarter of that year.   

He appears on the 1901 census for England and Wales living at Bevernbridge Cottages in the parish of St John’s Entire, Lewes, with his family.  The family comprised John Greenfield senior (aged 51 and working as a general cowman contractor), his 42 year old wife Mary Ann and their three children: John Greenfield (a 17 year old farm labourer), Minnie Greenfield (aged 11) and Harry (aged six). 

Ten years earlier, the 1891 census reveals that the Greenfield family was living at 52 Bevernbridge Cottages and comprised the parents, John and Mary Ann and four children: John (aged seven), Annie Greenfield (aged five), Emma [Mary] Greenfield (aged three) and Minnie (aged one).  By the time the 1901 census was taken, Annie Greenfield would be working as a fifteen year old domestic servant in Brighton and Emma Greenfield had died in infancy in 1892, her death recorded at Lewes in the March quarter of that year. 

I have been unable to find a convincing naval service record for Harry Greenfield at The National Archives in London and so must rely on the information contained in Chailey’s parish magazine. 

In October 1914 it notes that he is serving his King and Country and the following October reports him as a stoker aboard HMS Hindustan.  HMS Hindustan was a King Edward VII Class battleship that was laid down in October 1902 and launched in December 1903.  During the First World War she formed part of the 3rd Battleship Squadron in The Grand Fleet.

In July 1916 the parish magazine notes that he is serving aboard HMS Lily and in December 1917 that he is at the Royal Navy Barracks.  This information is then repeated monthly up to and including June 1918 after which there are no further entries for this man.

Harry’s brother John Greenfield also served his King and Country during the First World War.

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