Friday, August 07, 2015

TSR/751 Sergeant George Hilton, Army Service Corps

George Hilton is noted in Chailey Parish Magazine in October 1914 as serving his King and Country.  In October 1915 he appears as S[taff] S[ergeant] Major G Hilton with the Army Service Corps in France and by December 1915 he is still in France but by now promoted to RSM with the ASC. 

By January 1917 there appears to have been a change of fortunes and he is again a Staff Sergeant Major, moving further down the ranks in December 1917 when the parish magazine notes him as a sergeant. 

George Hilton appears to have served throughout the war, his final entry in July 1919 noting him as a sergeant with the ASC. 

Chailey resident Reg Philpott remembered that the Hilton family use to live “down the common” and that George Hilton minded the pumps at The Five Bells pub.

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