Saturday, October 31, 2015

22754 Corporal John Peckham, Royal Field Artillery

In March 1915, Chailey Parish Magazine notes that John Peckham is serving his King and Country.  In October that year it adds: Peckham, Gunner J, RFA and the following month includes the additional information that he is in France.  In December 1915 it notes that he is a corporal and his name then appears in every subsequent issue up to and including the final published roll call in July 1919. 

John Peckham is possibly the same six year old John Peckham recorded on the 1901 census and living at Mayfield, Sussex with his family.  The family comprised Richard Peckham (a 39 year old Mayfield-born cattle dealer), his 38 year old wife Eliza (born in Ticehurst) and their seven children: Richard William Peckham (aged 17), Charles Henry Peckham (aged 15), Edward Peckham (aged 12), George [Alfred] Peckham (aged nine), John [Ernest] Peckham, Albert Peckham (aged three) and Emily Peckham (aged nine months).  

He is probably 22754 Saddler (and latterly, Corporal) John E Peckham whose medal index card can be found at The National Archives in London, and I list him as such, above.

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