Saturday, October 31, 2015

6020 Flight Sergeant Frank Pointing, RAF

The Frank Pointing noted by Chailey Parish Magazine in July 1915 as serving his King and Country was one of four brothers who served during the First World War. 

He was born at Lewes on 27th February 1887 and by the time the 1901 census was taken, was boarding at Teague Green, Chailey.  The rest of his family was living at Tomsetts, Chailey and comprised James Pointing aged 44 and working as a postman, his 40 year old wife Alice (working as a laundress from home) and their four children: William Pointing (aged 13), Alice Pointing (aged nine), James Pointing (aged six) and George Pointing (aged four).   

In July 1915, the parish magazine notes that Frank Pointing is serving his King and Country in October 1915 that he is a private and 2nd Air Mechanic with the Royal Flying Corps in England.  In April 1916, the parish magazine reports that he is in France and in November that year that he has been promoted to corporal.  Six months later, in May 1917, the parish magazine notes that his rank is now sergeant and this is further updated in March 1918 to note that he is Flight Sergeant F Pointing.  This information is then repeated up to and including the final published roll call in July 1919.
Frank's surviving record in AIR 79 shows that he served overseas between the 16th January 1916 and the 16th May 1916. It also records that he was married in Egham on the 21st December 1912. His wife was Elizabeth Annie Priscilla White (1886-1983). 
Frank's three brothers James Pointing, George Pointing and William Pointing all served during the First World War.  Their sister, Alice Pointing, is the same Alice Pointing who served with Sussex 54 VAD.
Frank Pointing died on 11th May 1971 in Hounslow, West London. 

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