Monday, March 07, 2016

Corporal Chatterton

Very little is known about this man.

Corporal Chatterton did not leave an entry in Nurse Oliver’s album but he was a patient at Beechland House, Newick in June 1917. He is recorded simply as “Cpl Chatterton”, one of the Beechland House stoolball team, in a report in The East Sussex News on 29th June 1917:

The contestants were Major Grantham’s team of officers of The Royal Flying Corps from Brook House (Chailey) Convalescent Hospital and Miss Cotesworth’s team of NCOs and men from Beechlands (Newick) Convalescent Hospital, and the former gained an easy victory by 50 runs.

Five days earlier, The Sussex Express had also reported on the match, noting that it was played at:

“… at Balneath Manor, the residence of Major W W Grantham, between officers of the Royal Flying Corps from Brook House, the new convalescent Hospital, and a team from Beechlands Convalescent Hospital. Those from Brook House were easy winners. Needless to say, Mrs Grantham entertained the company present to tea.”

Nothing further is currently known of this man.

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