Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fred Yeomans writes home

I was lucky enough to pick up this postcard on eBay last week. It was written by Fred Yeomans to his younger sister Florence back home in Chailey. He wrote,

M[y] O[wn] D[ear] Florr

Thanks so much for your most welcome letter just received, also [unclear] [unclear]. I was so pleased to hear that you are feeling better [unclear]; take great care of yourself. I am feeling quite fit. What rotten weather we are having; us have had rain, hail and snow; quite a selection[unclear]. I will write to [unclear] tomorrow. Good night dearest sis, fondest love and heaps of x. I remain, for ever, your loving Bro, xxx Fred xxx

The card is dated 16th April 1917 and was probably with Florence a few days later as there is a British postmark dated 19th April.

I am delighted to have found this card which adds another small detail to Frederick Yeomans' life.

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