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Chailey Roll-call: Chailey's Men

An alphabetical listing of men from Chailey known to have served King and Country in some capacity during the First World War. In time this will become a full index with links to pages giving more information about these men.

Since I first started to research the men and women of Chailey, far more records have been digitised and have become available online. Together, Findmypast and Ancestry have most of the bases covered. I list principal resources used to research these men, with links, below:

1. Service records and pension records in WO 363 and WO 364. Pension records on Ancestry. Service records on Ancestry. Pension and Service records on Findmypast. Note that the indexing is more comprehensive on Findmypast although delivery of images is slower.
2. WW1 Medal index cards on Ancestry
3. WW1 Medal rolls (WO 329) on Ancestry
4. Soldiers' effects on Ancestry
5. Seamen's service records (ADM 188) on Findmypast
6. Royal Navy officers' records (ADM 196) on Findmypast
7. Airmen's records (AIR 79) on Findmypast
8. Royal Air Force officers' records (AIR 76) on Findmypast
9. Royal Naval Division service records (ADM 339) on Findmypast
10. Merchant Navy Seamen's service records on Findmypast
11. Merchant Navy Seamen's medal index cards on Findmypast

Both Findmypast and Ancestry offer free trials and both frequently promote special deals. Click these links for the Findmypast Free Trial and the Ancestry Free Trial.

British Army officers' service records remain the missing link and it is unlikely that due to recent correspondence in files and also medical information contained within these same files, that they will be made available online any time soon.

Chailey's Men

8531 Driver Alfred Albert AGATE CXII Bde, RFA
4956 Private Albert AGATE, 62nd Machine Gun Corps
G/25996 Private Victor George ASHFORD, 10th Buffs
38838 Driver Arthur AVERY, Royal Engineers
32967 Private Harry AVERY, 7th Norfolk Regiment
Gunner J AVERY, Royal Marine Artillery
SE/21101 Private Thomas AVERY, Army Veterinary Corps
Driver C BARKER, Royal Engineers
223381 Driver G BEAL RFA
8582 Clerk Lawford Harold BEAL, Royal Air Force 
SS103893 Stoker Albert BEARD, HMS Greenwich
L7572 Officer's Steward Alfred BEARD, HMS Zaria
Private Charles BEARD, 3rd Royal Sussex Regt
G/21063 Private Charles Day BEARD, 10th Royal West Kent Regt
G/21011 Private Henry William BEARD, 2nd Royal Sussex Regt
Lt Henry Douglas BESSEMER, 4th Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
MT/322426 Private Sidney BEST, Army Service Corps
L8067 Trooper Alfred BIRD, 3rd Dragoon Guards
GS/10396 and L10156 Trooper Harry BIRD,16th Lancers
55429 Private Edward BISHOP, Machine Gun Corps
M2/074635 Private Peter BISHOP, Army Service Corps
75422 Gunner Horace W BLACKMAN, Royal Defence Corps
G/24460 Private William Hugh BLANCHARD, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
Captain John Ingham BLENCOWE, Eastern Command
Lt Robert Campion BLENCOWE, Royal Defence Corps
Reverend Arthur Hamilton BOYD OBE MC TD
36366 Private Frederick William BRAY, Leicestershire Regt
230970 Private Alfred R BRAYSHER, 21st Dorset Yeomanry
37224 Corporal William James BRAZIER, 81st Sg Bty, RGA
G/1654 Private Charles BRISTOW, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
831 Private Charles BRISTOW, 57th Australian Imperial Force
240818 Private Erle BRISTOW, 5th Royal Sussex Regt
K28335 Stoker Gilbert BRISTOW, HMS Mermaid
212821 Leading Seaman Harry BRISTOW, HMS Ready
3529 Driver Richard BRISTOW, Royal Field Artillery
M/13255 Blacksmith's Mate Sidney George Augustus BRISTOW, HMS Invincible
500748 Sapper William BRISTOW, 8th Canadian Engineers
Private Ernest Edward BROOKS, 3rd Royal Sussex Regt
33870 Corporal Henry Alfred BROOKS, 9th York & Lancaster
SD/1632 Private Sydney Arthur BROOKS, 12th Royal Sussex Regt
SD/1633 Lance Corporal William Jared BROOKS,12th Royal Sussex Regt
Private A BROWN, 2/5th Norfolk Regt
S/667 Private Alven Henry Jesse BROWN, 3rd East Kent Regt
G/18963 Private Charles BUCKWELL, 6th East Kent Regt
L/9079 Private George W BUCKWELL, 1st Royal Sussex Regt
Pte William BURCHETT, 26th Training Reserve Battalion
730340 Private Albert James BURNETT, 130th Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force
15152 RSM William BURTON, RFA
98067 Pte Fred CAMPBELL, Royal Air Force
3749 Private Harold Leslie CAMPBELL, Welsh Guards
Private H CAMPKIN, Training Reserve
180740 Private George Arthur CARR, Royal Air Force
169068 Richard Percy CHALLEN, Royal Air Force
73165 Private Frank CHATFIELD, Middlesex Regt
98183 Gunner Harry CHATFIELD, Machine Gun Corps
John CHATFIELD, Middlesex Regiment
L7566 Officer's Steward John CHATFIELD, HMS Amphitrite
52513 Private Thomas CHATFIELD, 2/5th Lancashire Fusiliers
G/2658 Private George CHEESEMAN, 2nd Royal Fusiliers
Charles CLARKE
352512 Bombardier John William CLARKSON, RGA
7609 Private Richard CLARKSON, 3rd Devonshire Regt
SD/3078 Lance-Sergeant Thomas CLARKSON, 13th Royal Sussex Regt
Private T CLAYDEN, 25th Middlesex Regt
17156 Private Horace COLEY, North Staffordshire Regiment
Corporal Benjamin COOK, 2/5th Royal Sussex Regt
Harold COOKE
2nd Lt Reginald Trench COPLESTON, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt)
Lieutenant Horace CORNWELL, Royal Field Artillery
23220 Private George Thomas CORNFORD MM, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
63120 Cpl John Henry CORNFORD, "V" Bty RHA
23219 Pte William Trayton CORNFORD, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Captain Charles Hext COTESWORTH, 21st Lancers
862 Sergeant Alfred E COTTINGHAM, Cyclists Co,1st Div Mounted Troops
G/2521 Private Frederick Samuel COTTINGHAM, 8th Royal Sussex Regt
7979 Private George COTTINGHAM, Royal Sussex Regiment
15030 Sergeant Harry COTTINGHAM, Royal Field Artillery
63717 CSM James Louis COTTINGHAM, Labour Corps
J24158 AB Thomas Charles COTTINGHAM, HM Submarines
P-5378 Lance Corporal William COTTINGHAM, Military Foot Police
Private Harry COTTINGTON , 7th Royal West Kent Regt
WR/178250 L/Cpl William Albert COTTINGTON, 2/2nd London Field Coy, RE
Montague Jesse COX
5510 Private Charles CRADDOCK, 2nd Royal Sussex Regt
8002 Private Sydney CROWHURST, 17th Lancers
Alfred DANCY
G/2829 Sergeant Arthur B DAY, 8th Royal Sussex Regt
39170 Private William Gaius DAY, 3rd Norfolk Regt
L/10315 Pte William George DAY, 9th Royal Sussex Regiment
206610 Rifleman Thomas William DEADMAN, 24th Rifle Brigade
Lieutenant Michael Wallace Blencowe DEANE, 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Lt Richard John DEANE, 117th Bty, 26th Bde, RFA
WR/327459 Sapper Thomas David DIVALL,Royal Engineers
25752 Private Henry Stephen Daniel DOWNING, 1st East Surrey Regt
6941 A/Sergeant Edward DREDGE, Wiltshire Regt 
126 Trooper Frederick John DRUMMOND, East African Mounted Rifles
241664 Private Charles DUDMAN, 8th Middlesex Regt
G/12140 Sergeant Edwin Ivan Thomas DUFFIELD, Middlesex Regt
176956 Pte Percy Hounsom DURRANT, Royal Air Force 
Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Clement EDWARDS, Royal Field Artillery
Spts/5368 Pte John ELLIS, 11th Royal Fusiliers
Lieutenant Quartermaster William ELLIS, Att Royal Flying Corps
L6372 Officer's Steward Arthur Ernest EMERY, HMS Verulam
101822 Gunner George Masters EMERY, Royal Horse Artillery
Private G EVANS
28249 Private Frank FARNDEN, 15th Hampshire Regt
Ernest James FENN
Private P FERMOR, 53rd Bedfordshire Regt
SD/178 Private William Albert FOORD, 11th Royal Sussex Regiment
Private F FORD, 3rd Royal Sussex Regt
240819 Corporal Frank FORD, 1/5th Royal Sussex Regt
28239 Private John FORD, 8th East Surrey Regt
Lance Corporal Charles FRAMPTON, Army Service Corps and HERE
Henry Edgar FUNNELL, Army Service Corps
124445 Gunner Thomas John FUNNELL, Royal Field Artillery
G/7968 Private John GADD, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
90415 Sergeant Percival Albert GALLOWAY, DAC, Royal Field Artillery
24187 Private Albert Henry GASTON, Labour Corps
J55075 Seaman James William GASTON, HMS Canada
PO/1261(S) Private Harry GATES, 2nd RM Bn RND, Royal Marine Light Infantry
356819 Chief Petty Officer Montague John GATES, HMS Victory II
Lance Corporal Arthur GIBBS, Royal Army Medical Corps
Private Richard GIBSON, 3rd Royal Sussex Regt
259027 Private Roland GILBERT, Labour Corps
108423 RSM Oliver GODLEY, Royal Engineers
204321 Private Charles GODWARD, South Staffordshire Regt
S/41050 Private Len P GORDON, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and HERE
Lieutenant William Ivor GRANTHAM, 1/5th Royal Sussex Regt
Major William Wilson, GRANTHAM, 1/6th (Cyclist) Royal Sussex Regt
Captain Bernard Bachan GREEN, 3rd Essex Regt
2nd Lieutenant Edward Wilson GREEN, Hampshire Regt
Stoker Harry GREENFIELD, R N Barracks
32454 Private John GREENFIELD,12th Hampshire Regt
Private W GROU, 27th Middlesex Regiment
827 Sergeant George Thomas Bourne GROUNDS, East Kent Regt
P12510 Corporal Charles HALL, Military Foot Police
L/9533 Private George HALL, 2nd Royal West Kent Regt
320605 Private Harry HALL, 12th Norfolk Regt
374056 Bombardier John W HARMER MM, RGA
Fireman Thomas HARMER, HMT SS Ryckett
Lieutenant Albert HEASMAN MM,16th Australian Imperial Force
291 Private Frederick HEASMAN, 13th MGC, Australian Imperial Force
2145 L/Corporal Gilbert Arthur HEASMAN MM, 11th Australian Imperial Force
D/14263 Private Percy Ernest S HELLIER, Dragoons
TSR/751 Sergeant George HILTON, ASC
Frederick J HOBDEN
286308 Sapper Owen HOBDEN, 106th Field Coy Royal Engineers
38692 Private Charles HODGES, 3rd Essex Regt
98514 Gunner Thomas HOMEWOOD, 41st Trench Mortar Bty RFA
Gunner Arthur HORSCRAFT, RGA
Lieutenant Gerald Sclater INGRAM, 2nd Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt)
Cecil Ernest IRELAND
T2/12286 Sgt Claude Foord IRELAND, 151st Coy ASC, att 56th FA, RAMC
Private Percy Raymond Ireland, 10th Royal Sussex Regt
Gunner J IZZARD, Royal Horse Artillery
Corporal Harry JEFFREYS, British Red Cross Society
Cadet Christopher Theodore JELLICOE, Royal Navy
Assistant Paymaster John Basil Lee JELLICOE, RNVR and HERE
Reverend Thomas Harry Lee JELLICOE, Royal Navy
J57705 Boy 2nd Class Alec Clemence Herbert JENNER, HMS Ganges
L/10781 Private Alfred Reuben William JENNER, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
Private Charles JENNER 390th Labour Company
J49195 Able Seaman David William Christopher JENNER, HMS Constance
111031 Private William Ernest JENNER, Royal Army Medical Corps
136676 Driver William Norman JENNER, Royal Engineers
46285 Rifleman Robert Charles JESSOP, 1st Rifle Brigade
Gunner George Arthur KEMP, Royal Garrison Artillery
Private G KENWARD, Royal Air Force
241360 Private John Walter KENWARD, 1/5th Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt)
Midshipman Anthony Martin KIMMINS, HMS Marlborough
2nd Lieutenant Brian Charles Hannan KIMMINS, Royal Field Artillery (att RHA)
238372 Gunner Frank William KING, Royal Field Artillery
Jesse KING
207058 Corporal Mechanic Stephen KING, RAF
Private D KNIGHT, 2/1st Sussex Yeomanry
Lance Corporal John Luther KNIGHT, 4th East Surrey Regt
SS6327 Able Seaman Albert LANGRIDGE, HMS Winchester
49845 Corporal Shoeing-Smith Arthur LANGRIDGE MSM, Royal Field Artillery
J/42643 Seaman Cecil LANGRIDGE, HMS Invincible
115996 Gunner Herbert LANGRIDGE, Royal Garrison Artillery
R/4188 Rifleman William Alfred LANSDOWNE, King's Royal Rifle Corps and HERE
G/6565 Private Charles LEE, 11th Royal Sussex Regiment
Driver Wilfred LOCKYER, Royal Field Artillery
Leading Stoker J LONG, Royal Navy
Walter LONG
6841533 Private Frederick LUDLAM, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Lieutenant Sigurd Harold MACCULLOCH, 2nd Seaforth Highlanders
154169 Gunner Frank George MAINWOOD, Royal Garrison Artillery
33201 Private William MAINWOOD, 9th Royal Berkshire Regt
312568 Private Albert MALTHOUSE, Labour Corps
G/16794 Private Edward MANVILLE, 2nd Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt
87396 Private Charles William MARCHANT, 12th King's Liverpool Regt
Private Charles George MARCHANT, 16th Sussex Yeomanry
L/10421 Lance-Corporal Albert Victor MARTIN, 2nd Royal Sussex Regt
769654 Pte Horace Raymond MARTIN, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
9866 Pte John Sidney MARTIN, 3rd Bn, CEF
G/18321 Private William Thomas MARTIN, 1/5th East Kent Regt
G/1974 Lance Corporal Cecil Edward MATTHEWS, 8th Royal Sussex Regt
Private Charles Robert MILES, Royal Engineers
285146 Gunner Albert J MILLER, Royal Garrison Artillery
32133 Private Edgar Stanley MILLER, Kings Own Scottish Borderers
90669 Gunner Joseph Charles MILLER, Royal Garrison Artillery and HERE
Private William Richard MILLER, Army Service Corps
Private Albert Basil MITCHELL, 4th Hussars
301785 Leading Boatman Alfred Thomas MITCHELL, HMS Devonshire
G/16155 Lance Corporal John W MITCHELL, 12th Royal Sussex Regt
Rifleman Maurice Gilbert MITCHELL, Kings Royal Rifle Corps
40071 Corporal Sidney MITCHELL, Royal Garrison Artillery
WR/40707 Pioneer Charles MOON, Royal Engineers
2259 Sergeant Frederick NEALE, Royal Warwickshire Regt
Private J NEVETT, Royal Army Medical Corps
Wallace NORMAN
120183 Pioneer Frank OLIVER, Royal Engineers
G/1672 Private John Henry OLIVER, 10th Royal Sussex Regt
L/10419 Private Albert Edward PADGHAM, 2nd Royal Sussex Regt
Gunner William PADGHAM, Royal Field Artillery
315261 Pioneer George PAGE, Royal Engineers
Private John Frederick PAGE, 36th Royal Fusiliers
Private Thomas PAGE, Royal Sussex Regt
M/205166 Sergeant Rainald PARKER, Army Service Corps / 2
5506 Sergeant Alfred PATEMAN, 47th Machine Gun Corps
WR259151 Sapper Charles John PATEMAN, Royal Engineers
82015 Gunner Percy Charles PATEMAN, Royal Field Artillery
415211 RSM Thomas PATEMAN, 4th Queen's Hussars
Rifleman Walter Robert PATEMAN, 24th Rifle Brigade
23610 Private Frank PEACOCK, 3rd Grenadier Guards
Corporal John PECKHAM, Royal Field Artillery
Lewis J PENN
289696 Gunner Francis George PETTET, Royal Field Artillery
Private William Knight PHILPOTT, ASC Remounts
G/17485 Private William Henry G PIPER, 7th East Kent Regt
SD/3427 Lance Corporal Albert PLUMMER, 13th Royal Sussex Regt
376305 Private Alexander PLUMMER, 19th Durham Light Infantry
SD/1643 Lance Corporal Ernest W PLUMMER, 12th Royal Sussex Regt
M2/188419 Private Owen PLUMMER, 283rd MT Coy, Army Service Corps
Flight Sergeant Frank POINTING, RAF
260073 Signaller George POINTING, 11th Royal Sussex Regt
M2 105174 Private James POINTING, MT Army Service Corps
G/211 Private William Richard POINTING, 6th East Kent Regt
85523 Driver William POMFREY, 5th DAC, Royal Field Artillery
Captain John Cecil Glossop POWNALL, Royal Field Artillery
Lieutenant Lionel Henry Yorke POWNALL, 1st Royal West Kent Regt
201994 Private Harry Rufus REED, 1/4th Royal West Kent Regt
Captain Magnus Rainier ROBERTSON MC, 9th Essex Regt
G/18866 Private Richard ROFFE, 7th East Kent Regt
Driver Henry ROGERS, Royal Field Artillery
7834 Rifleman Henry Alfred SAUNDERS, 12th London Regt 
L/8389 Sergeant George SAUNDERS, 2nd Royal Sussex Regt
Christopher SCRASE
20682 Lance Corporal Albert Henry SELBY, Royal Engineers
Gunner F W SHEPHERD, Royal Garrison Artillery
Driver Christopher Nathan SHORT, Div Train Royal Navy
K36936 Stoker George Thomas SIMMONS, HMS Maidstone
P/381 Private William Horace SIMMONS, Military Mounted Police 
Private Archibald SMITH, 2nd Leicestershire Regt
Driver C SMITH, Royal Field Artillery
38946 Private Charles SMITH, 13th Bedfordshire Regt
Private F SMITH, Royal Engineers (Att HQ)
200583 Corporal Frederick James SMITH, 4th Suffolk Regt 
G/9591 Private George Spencer SMITH, 13th Royal Sussex Regt 
Private G SMITH, 10th Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Gunner William C SMITH, 2/2nd Durham, Royal Field Artillery
13326 Corporal Arthur Harry SNELLING, 13th Kings Royal Rifle Corps and HERE
6443557 Sergeant Richard Ernest SNELLING, 4th Royal Fusiliers
241023 Private William SNELLING, 5th Royal Sussex Regt
T2SR/03145 Driver George Ernest SPARSHOTT, Army Service Corps
33549 Private William Henry SPICE, 1st East Surrey Regt
288216 Clerk Thomas SPRING, Royal Air Force
138183 Signaller Walter Stanley STARLEY, Royal Field Artillery
G/6256 Private Octavius STARLING, 13th Royal Sussex 
Driver Albert STEVENS, Army Service Corps
Corporal Ernest Frank STEVENS, Labour Corps
Private Frank STEVENS, 6th East Kent Regt
48227 Private Frank STEVENS, 8th East Surrey Regt
G STEVENS, Trench Mortar Battery
Corporal G STEVENS, Royal Garrison Artillery
Driver James STEVENS, MT Army Service Corps
Private William H STEVENS, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
64128 Private William STEVENS, 8th Machine Gun Corps
62615 Private Frederick STEVENSON, Labour Corps
429542 Private Albert STILL, Labour Corps
49461 Sergeant Arthur STILL, Machine Gun Corps
57356 Corporal Edward STILL, Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt
G/1657 Sergeant Major Ernest STILL MM, Labour Corps
SS119013 Stoker George Henry STILL, HMS Assistance
1689 Trooper Alfred STRINGER, 2nd Life Guards 
GSSR/887 Private Frederick Ernest SWEETMAN, 3rd Royal Sussex Regt 
Private F SWIFT, 52nd Bedfordshire Regt
102755 Gunner Peter SYMONS, Royal Garrison Artillery
K10617 Stoker Archie TAPP, HMS Dolphin 
K54708 Stoker 2nd Class Ashley Robert TAPP, HMS Pembroke 
SS11770 Leading Stoker Aubrey Lorenzo Russell TAPP, HMS Marmeluke 
R/986 Sergeant Harry TAPP, AVC RFA (att HQR)
Corporal Charles W TAYLOR, AVC
Private George TAYLOR, 2nd Manchester Regt
Driver E TESTER, Indian Cavalry
G/17915 L-Corporal Albert Henry THOMPSETT, 11th Royal Sussex Regt / 2
B/201564 Driver Alfred TICEHURST, Rifle Brigade
82017 Gunner Benjamin TINGLEY, Royal Field Artillery
41987 Private William TINGLEY DCM, Croix De Guerre, 11th Suffolk Regt
Driver William Henry TINGLEY Army Service Corps
Private William Henry TINGLEY Royal Engineers 
Major William Tidswell TOWERS-CLARK MC, Coldstream Guards
1608 Gunner Edgar Lancelot TOWNER, Canadian Field Artillery
Captain Henry William (Harry) TOWNER, Royal Garrison Artillery
Timothy TOWNER
SE/3722 Private George TRIGWELL, Army Veterinary Corps
LSR/2295 Private Arthur TULLY, 7th Royal Sussex Regt
G/21022 Private Arthur TURNER, 8th Royal Sussex Regt
10749 Private George TURNER, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
Gunner T TURNER, Royal Garrison Artillery
J33944 Boy 1st Class William James TURNER, HMS Victory I 
M/224988 Douglas James Gibbins URIDGE, RASC 
205127 Corporal Mechanic Henry James (Harry) URRY, RAF 
219181 Driver Oswald Richard WALDEN, Royal Field Artillery
106651 Corporal Shoeing-smith Ebenezer WALDER, RFA 
Pioneer J WALDER, Royal Engineers
Private Lewis WALDER, 11th Loyal North Lancashire Regt
17855 Battery Quartermaster Sergeant William WALDER, Royal Garrison Artillery
K29857 Stoker Albert Frederick WASHER, HMS Active 
G/1967 Private Arthur Thomas WASHER, 8th Royal Sussex Regt
10233 Private George Trayton WASHER, 7th East Surrey Regt 
J43156 Able Seaman George Frederick WELLER, HMS Queen Elizabeth 
Driver George WELLER, Royal Field Artillery
Lance Corporal James Charles WELLER, 7th Royal Sussex Regt
69438 Private Edward WELLS, 9th Royal Fusiliers
Lieutenant Alan Herbert Mainwaring WEST, 36th Sikhs
Captain Ralph M WEST, 3rd Mounted Brigade 
Pioneer George WHEELER, Royal Engineers
Corporal W WHITE, RFC
27334 Private Charles Jarrett WILLEY, 12th Suffolk Regt
G/4849 Corporal Ernest WILLIAMS, 9th Royal Sussex Regt
Private H WILSON, Army Service Corps
9392 Private Charles Joseph WOOD, 2nd KOYLI
SE/4483 Corporal Frederick Albert Jon WOOD, Army Veterinary Corps
229851 Leading Seaman George WOOD, HMS Sandhurst 
Lance Corporal Harry WOOD, 1st KOYLI
GSSR/649 Private Obed WOOD, 9th Royal Sussex Regt 
Bombardier Richard WOOD, Royal Garrison Artillery
2nd Lt Thomas Victor WOOD, 7th Royal Sussex Regt 
G/24393 Private Frederick G WOODHAMS, 13th Royal Sussex Regt
18474 Private Jesse WOODHAMS, Coldstream Guards
94309 Thomas Jesse WOODHAMS, Royal Field Artillery
Captain Archibald WRIGHT, 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards, later Machine Gun Corps
G/1671 Sergeant Frederick William YEOMANS DCM, 4th Royal Sussex Regt 
Pictured above, Ernest Stevens and his wife, Alice Pointing.

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