Monday, September 05, 2011

Chailey Roll-Call: The Nurses

The following list of Sussex 54 VAD personnel has largely been compiled from a single 1914 source and is certainly incomplete. It is ironic that although VAD Probationer Edith Oliver inspired the research that led to this website, it is Edith Oliver and her colleagues in Sussex 54 VAD that I have least information about. I would welcome further input from visitors to this blog who can either add names to the list or augment any of the biographical details contained here.

I have used the term "Nurse" for those women who provided nursing services although strictly speaking, "Probationer" is the correct term for those VAD members who were not qualified nurses.

Miss or Mrs BEST, Cook
Miss Frances Isabel BLENCOWE, Nurse and Commandant
Mrs Mabel Frances BLENCOWE, Quartermaster
Miss Margaret Penelope BLENCOWE, Nurse
Mrs Emily BRYANT, Nurse
Miss Susan Margaret COTESWORTH, Commandant
Miss or Mrs CURTIS, Cook
Miss Jessie Mary FENN, Nurse
Miss Alice Kathleen FENN, Nurse
Mss A GANDER, Assistant Quartermaster
Miss or Mrs GASTON, Nurse
Miss Helen Marian GREEN, Nurse
Miss Marina Edith Bourne GROUNDS, Nurse
Miss Unis Reta Bourne GROUNDS, Nurse
Miss Rose A HANCOCK, Nurse
Miss Dorothy Austen HOLCROFT, Clerk
Miss Emily Morris MARSHALL, Matron
Miss Edith OLIVER, Nurse
Dr William Stewart ORTON, Medical Officer
Sister OSMUND, Lady Superintendent
Alice POINTING, Cook
Miss Kathleen Etheldred POWNALL Nurse
Miss or Mrs ROOTES, Nurse
Miss Marguerite Harriet SANDFORD, Nurse
Miss Rose Beatrice SMYTHE, Nurse
Mrs Ada Elizabeth WEST, Nurse
Dr H R WHITEHEAD, Surgeon General
Miss or Mrs O WILSON, Nurse

Pictured above, Sussex 54 VAD at their Field Day in Stnmer Park, Falmer, Sussex in June 1914. Dr William Orton leads the contingent and tall Nurse Oliver is fifth from left.

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